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January 24, 2009



Hi Morrie,

The new toy I stayed up too late playing with on Thursday is also a camera rig. Only it's two of them linked for stereo. Double the trouble! HAving a little problem with flash pictures as one image comes out darker than the other. Seems to work fine
outdoors, though.

Enjoy digital! No wasting film. A 4GB card goes a very long way! Happy shooting.


Well done Greg, hope you've got your stereo camera rig up and running. I'm sure you'll work out the inside flash. I'm having an issue with the self timer. But there's a wireless remote one can buy which is fairly cheap. Today looks like being overcast for Australia Day, but we'll see how we go. I hope now to have a lot more photos on this blog. Happy Aujstralia Day mate. I'll have a coldie for you.

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